Saturday, May 9, 2009

day 4: local filmmakers take over!

      I hope that everyone had fun at the Karaoke Throwdown last night. It was a rager. I stayed until they were practically pushing me out the door. Photos are forthcoming.

It's beautiful out today! I plan on sunning myself at least 20 minutes before I head down to the Clinton Street Theater for Shorts Program #2.  

I don't want mean to pick favorites, but I am particularly excited about today's programs. There will be Shorts Programs #2 and #3, featuring local and national filmmakers, and then California Company Town, with filmmaker Lee Ann Schmitt in attendance. I know a day in sun is tempting but this is may be your only chance to see a handful of these amazing films! 

Also, a reminder, the Peripheral Produce Invitational is expected to sellout. So get there early.  There will also be bingo, a past time I can't resist.

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